If the person with the microphone doesn’t have what it takes, the audience disconnects.
Armed with uncommon candor and disarming Aussie wit,
Grant Norsworthy skillfully weaves stories, songs, illustrations and solid Biblical teaching to captivate, encourage and inspire any audience towards enduring change and good works. 

Grant Norsworthy with guitar

Grant Norsworthy is an Australian speaker and musician, based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA since 2002. With a message birthed from an intriguing personal journey profoundly impacted by the Word of God, Grant is uniquely qualified as a compelling voice on a number of important topics to all sincere followers of Jesus.

Grant has encouraged, challenged and entertained audiences of all ages, sizes and flavors in almost all of the fifty United States and in many countries around the world. With his engaging blend of storytelling, illustrations, humor, solid Bible teaching and music, Grant’s involvement elevates any event or Church service.

As a former member of top CCM and “worship bands” Grant passionately speaks to the meaning of worship: To refine and elevate the imperative role of music in the Church, but also to clarify what it means to offer ourselves as a “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1).

“Although music can be a wonderful and powerful way to express worship,
my life surrendered in worship is what is required.”
– Grant Norsworthy

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  • “Attendee feedback from Grant’s teaching sessions include ‘outstanding’, ‘amazing’, ‘exuding love’, and ‘anointed’. The influence he brought to WFX will surely have attendees looking forward to gleaning from his talents at future WFX conferences.”

    Beth Vinton
    Beth Vinton WFX Conference Director, EH Media, Framingham MA
  • "Grant has the unique and rare ability as a communicator, to make audiences want to lean in to hear him. He masterfully paints pictures using stories and illustrations that stir the heart and conscience. Grant also has great insight and prophetic passion that will provoke and inspire any audience to love and good works."

    Stacey Foster
    Stacey Foster Senior Pastor of Life Changers Int. Ministries, Detroit MI
  • "The overwhelming response from our church members was along the lines of, ‘That was the most powerful time of training and worship we've ever had!’. Through this experience, we have had more momentum in our ministry than ever before. We highly recommend Grant!"

    Jason Dyba
    Jason Dyba Passion Conference Creative Director, Atlanta GA
Grant with Compassion sponsored child Rafiki

 Grant with Hakuzimana Rafiki, Rwanda, 2009


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  • "Articulate, biblical, passionate, Jesus-focused, encouraging: Grant Norsworthy emotes all of these and more. You will not find a more thought-provoking, heart-encouraging, delight-generating facilitator of worship than Grant."

    Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin
    Rev. Dr. Byron Spradlin President, Artists in Christian Testimony Int. Brentwood TN
  • "Grant is a true and passionate follower of Jesus … a man of integrity, honesty and has a genuine passion for God … a seasoned musician and a very compelling speaker, singer and songwriter … . His desire is to lift up the name of Jesus through song and spoken word and encourage people to worship God in the truest possible way."

    Paul Colman
    Paul Colman Recording Artist, formerly of PC3 & Newsboys, Franklin TN
  • “I don’t know how else to say it other than this - Grant Norsworthy ‘gets’ worship. You will be amazed at what a difference he can make in your church in a short period of time. And like us, you will be trying to arrange for him to come again.”

    Pastor John Kenny
    Pastor John Kenny First Reformed Church, Grand Haven, MI

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