Vocalists: Top 10 Tips for a Better Open Speaker Monitor Mix (PART 1)

After regularly finding themselves popping out one or even both in-ear monitors (IEMs) to get a better feel for the level of congregational connection, many Church vocalists and leaders of worship through songs are discovering (or rediscovering) the good things about open speaker monitors that may have been (nearly) forgotten. Despite all the past efforts […]


Worshipping musicians! I believe that we must learn to accept several, small musical sadnesses. These will be necessary if we are to experience, what I call, the higher joy of music. There are some small, yet significant, sacrifices that we – who are given the opportunity to lead our Church congregation to worship God through […]

Lead or Leading Vocals?

More confident and accomplished vocalists will want to express themselves. Sing songs their way. Embellish. They can find the seductive tug to modify and add to the melody – timing, register, dynamics and more – almost irresistible. When it’s done well and at the right time, just about everyone loves to hear a great vocalist […]

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