Equipping for artistic excellence
& authentic worship.
  • "We benefited greatly not only from Grant's knowledge, skill, and experience, but also from his humble spirit and his Godly attitude. We definitely plan on having More Than Music Mentor return to train us again in the near future."

    Pastor Travis Armstrong
    Pastor Travis Armstrong Hope Baptist Church, Manchester, ME
  • "I always learn so much from watching Grant lead.  God has richly blessed him with the gift to draw people to God and to make musicians want to be better. Grant’s attention to detail and attentiveness to what the Spirit is doing in the room is awesome."

    Paul Mueller
    Paul Mueller Musician, RoofTop Church, St Louis, MO
  • "The Saturday workshop was so very helpful! I learned things I had never heard anywhere else before and God moved so very powerfully all through the songs and the message on Sunday morning. Speaking just for me and my family, I don't think our lives will ever quite be the same again."

    Birgit West
    Birgit West More Than Music Workshop attendee, El Paso, TX
  • “Grant Norsworthy took everyone by storm and captivated his audience by not being a ‘Talking Head’. I would highly recommend Grant Norsworthy to be a part of any worship conversation, conference, training, or clinic!”  

    Dwayne Lee
    Dwayne Lee Dwayne Lee, State Worship Director, The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio & Founder/Owner of Worship 4:24 Conference
  • “Awesome... This dude is like the worship whisperer!”

    Sharrett Henderson
    Sharrett Henderson CEO and founder of He Makes Us One, Titusville FL
  • "Grant has a way of capturing your attention and helping you focus on what’s imperative about worship.  Whether it’s singing a song, the spoken Word, or living a life of worship, he always strikes at the heart.  The Lord will use Grant to bring change to your congregation."

    Roger Byrd
    Roger Byrd Music & Worship Events, California SBC, Fresno CA
  • "It is obvious through his various awards and nomination that Grant is a talented and sought after musician. Once you hear him speak it is also obvious that he is gifted with a stage presence that is contagious."

    Brian D. Seay
    Brian D. Seay Artist Relations Manager, Compassion International
  • "I really needed to hear what you had to say. It brought tears to my eyes. The Lord was really convicting me. It’s a wonderful thing to feel that passion for Christ again. Thank you!"

    Christina Miller
    Christina Miller More Than Music Workshop attendee, Ballardsville Baptist Church, KY
  • "At the heart of Grant’s message is the truth that musical worship is not a performance but a time to join as a congregation in praise to God."  

    Michael Hoskinson
    Michael Hoskinson Student Leader, Cedarville University, OH
  • "Grant has a deep passion and desire to serve the Church in how and why we worship through music. He has the big picture in mind and can help your teams bring more purpose and intentionality to their vital role."

    Aaron Sands
    Aaron Sands Former bassist with Jars Of Clay & Elder, City Church of East Nashville, TN
  • "As a Christ-follower and as a musician it is encouraging to meet a man who preaches a message of unity on stage, and then still lives it when the crowd has left the building."

    Jonathan Johnston
    Jonathan Johnston Singer/Songwriter, Augusta ME
  • "From just a couple of hours on Saturday night and then Sunday morning services, Grant effectively inspired greater musicianship, more authentic worship, and servant hearted attitudes in my people and in me."

    Rev. Daniel Young
    Rev. Daniel Young Minister of Music, First Baptist Church of Fairborn, OH
  • "Grant is an exceptional communicator who captivates his audience with stories and songs. He did an outstanding job inspiring our leaders and left a powerful mark on our church!"

    Lucas Parry
    Lucas Parry Creative Arts Pastor, Venture Christian Church, Los Gatos, CA
  • "On Thursday I attended Grant Norsworthy’s class called Crafting a Sound That Invites The Congregation. The following Sunday at our church service we were able to apply the things that were taught and our congregation sang more than they ever have! We are very thankful!"

    Ed Pohl
    Ed Pohl Audio Engineer, Covenant Life Church, Jeffersonville, IN
  • "In a day when churches continue to struggle over ‘worship styles’ or applaud those who ‘perform’ as musicians, Grant reminds us that God is the audience of all true 'worship.’"

    Todd Linn, PhD,
    Todd Linn, PhD, Senior Pastor, Henderson’s First Baptist Church, Henderson, KY
  • "Grant’s heart and mind for worship comes from a lengthy sanctification of the Holy Spirit giving him understanding that worship is our identity before it EVER becomes an activity; Grant knows this better than most I’ve met!"

    Ezra Boggs
    Ezra Boggs Founder / Chairman, The Bible and Beer Consortium, Dallas, TX
  • "We were engaged from start to finish by Grant’s witty, genuine, and thoroughly informative style of communication. I continue to get comments from those who were in attendance that his workshop is still making an impact upon them and their families."

    Neal Green
    Neal Green Pastor for Music, Ballardsville Baptist Church, VA
  • "I love what Grant’s doing with More Than Music Mentor. His passion and desire to affect culture is amazing!"

    Billy Smiley
    Billy Smiley Producer, Songwriter, Musician, formerly of White Heart. Franklin, TN