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Equipping for artistic excellence
& authentic worship.

When the heart and the art of worshiping musicians are less than they could be,
the whole Church suffers.

Even passionate worshippers will struggle to connect.

More Than Music Mentor provides outstanding resources that
improve musicality, increase participation, instill unity and inspire authentic worship
– in the musicians and in those they lead.

Could it be possible to have a Grammy® nominatedDove Award winning musician & gifted instructor work with your team of Church musicians & technicians?

Yes, it is!

A former member of celebrated bands such as Sonicflood and PC3 (Paul Colman Trio),
Grant Norsworthy
provides training services for Church music teams
of any size, experience level, style or denomination.

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What is ?

More Than Music Mentor is an organization dedicated to providing high-quality, online and onsite training to develop and deepen the heart and the art of worshiping musicians everywhere.

More Than Music Mentor provides fresh perspective on what it means for followers of Jesus to worship God with all that we are and on how music can better be utilized as an expression of worship and to bring unity to The Church.

Theologically sound, highly practical, seriously fun, interactive instruction that will:

improve musicality | increase participation | instill unity | inspire worship
  • “Grant helped our team want to come together for the purpose of leading God's people, rather than a bunch of soloists or loud musicians. We rehearsed Sunday very differently and it was a special time knowing everyone was part of a team preferring one another. Wow, what a difference!”

    Ed Tomlinson
    Ed Tomlinson Minister of Music, Grace Baptist Church, Bakersfield, CA
  • “Having Grant Norsworthy work with our band for two hours was the best investment we have made in our music ministry. We now have renewed focus and enthusiasm for serving our congregation and Him. Thank you, Grant!”

    Carrie Selbee
    Carrie Selbee Music Director, Manistee UMC, Michigan
  • “With patience, experience, humility, and grace, Grant effectively delivers a compelling message focused on the essentials of God-honoring worship that urges us to let go of our well intentioned clichés, catchphrases, and showmanship and instead embrace worship from a heart that simply and fully glorifies God. Grant is a true pleasure to listen to, learn from, and work with!”

    Amy Lund
    Amy Lund Onalaska, WA

Grant Norsworthy – the founder, principal instructor and content developer of More Than Music Mentor – has the passion, expertise, experience and the teacher’s gift to equip Church instrumentalists, singers and technician towards artistic excellence and authentic worship.

 captivating communication

 outstanding instruction

 award winning musicianship

 encouraging & challenging

 practical, theological & valuable

Grant Norsworthy, founder, principal instructor and content developer of More Than Music Mentor
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