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Grant Norsworthy, advocate for Compassion International

Grant with Hakuzimana Rafiki, Rwanda, 2009
A sponsor since 2000.
A passionate advocate since 2005.
Well over 7,000 child-to-sponsor
connections made.
  • "Having Grant speak about and promote Compassion International was an easy decision for us. Everything we do is driven by the Great Commandment (love God and love others) and the Great Commission (make disciples of the nations). Compassion provides a platform for us to do both.”

    Mike Tatem
    Mike Tatem Senior Pastor, Parkview Baptist Church, Lake City, FL
  • “Grant is a great advocate and partner with Compassion. A true heart for our mission. Extremely professional. Great with the volunteers. And his Compassion presentation is top notch."

    John Raymer
    John Raymer Compassion Volunteer Coordinator, Chiefland, FL
  • " I have been to countless concerts and heard the Compassion stories and was always afraid to actually sponsor. But something about Grant’s leadership last night generated a different atmosphere for me. Fear and hesitation were gone!"

    Karen Beasley
    Karen Beasley Congregant, Nameoki UMC, Granite City, IL
  • “He is very funny and did not hold back his passionate challenging conviction that our students be engaged in Compassion’s necessary work. Grant’s time at the College was a real joy.”

    Jess Bielman
    Jess Bielman Campus Ministries Director, Warner Pacific College, Portland, OR


“Whenever I sing or speak, I always plan to invite people to consider sponsoring a child through  Compassion International. For me, that invitation offers the ideal response to everything I sing and speak about. That is: How can we show our gratitude for the amazing grace that God has lavished upon us?

Could it be by caring for one (or more!) of these beautiful kids? After all, they should not be seen as a religious duty, but as a holy privilege!

I first became a sponsor in 2000 back in Australia, of a six year old girl named Kirabo in Rwanda. I’m embarrassed to say it, but in the earlier stages of my journey as a sponsor, I cared very little for her. Even though I received Kirabo’s letters and prayers, I did not reciprocate. But over time, God used this connection to change me.

By the time Kirabo graduated from the program in 2015 – and after meeting her in 2009 – my view of what it means to be a sponsor and how transformative it can be – for both sponsor and sponsored –  had really taken hold of me. My family and I have not been without the priceless connections of sponsorship through Compassion ever since. I can’t see that changing! And we are a lot more joyful (and more consistent) at remaining thoughtful, prayerful and corresponding by mail. As a result, all of my family – from the oldest (me) right down to my youngest (Casper) – have a growing desire to care for others.

I have seen the work of Compassion first hand ‘on the field’ in Thailand, Rwanda, The Dominican Republic and Guatemala. I have seen how Compassion work and the radical change that happens in the lives of children, their families and their communities when kids find sponsors – especially sponsors who really care, pray and write letters.

 My experiences with Compassion have profoundly and irrevocably altered my faith and perspectives in ways that I need to share with anyone and everyone who hears me sing or teach.

Grant Norsworthy Compassion sponsorship KiraboRwanda 2000

Kirabo Sylvie Kibarigaju, aged 6 in 2000

Grant & Brooke Norsworthy with their sponsored Compassion child Kirabo in Rwanda in 2009

Grant and wife Brooke meet Karibo in Rwanda in 2009

Grant Norsworthy meeting Kirabo in 2014, about to graduate the Compassion program

Kirabo in 2014, getting close to graduating from the Compassion program

Grant Norsworthy playing basketball with Compassion children in Thailand 2007

Grant enjoying hanging out with Compassion kids in Thailand (2007) …

Grant & Brooke Norsworthy with their sponsored children Kirabo and Rafiki

… in Rwanda (2009) …

2014 Grant Norsworthy with children during trip to Dominican Republic

… and the Dominican Republic (2014)

Grant with sponsored child's family letter

Grant & Brooke’s sponsored child Nelson and his Mom Aura proudly showing letters they had received (2018)

Grant and Brooke with sponsored child Nelson

Grant, Brooke & their sponsored child Nelson, Guatemala (2018)

Grant Norsworthy Guatemalan girls trip 2018

Grant with Guatemalan girls at Child Development Center (2018)

Grant Norsworthy with Guatemalan boys Compassion 2018

Grant at Compassion Child Development Center in Guatemala (2018)

Compassion International

With compassion, YOU can change the life of a child TODAY.

  • “Grant’s ability to communicate the stories of Compassion’s children and our theological mandate to serve the poor has resulted in thousands of children and sponsors being connected.  Compassion International is grateful for the ministry of Grant Norsworthy.”

    Brian Seay
    Brian Seay Director of Compassion Productions
  • "BRILLIANT! Exceptionally compelling and effective, and a guy who was very user-friendly to work with. I am personally grateful for Grant realigning, in my own mind, what is required to offer worship that is acceptable to God."

    Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson TEAR Fund/Compassion, New Zealand
  • “Grant Norsworthy is an incredible communicator who has a unique ability to combine excellent speaking with heart-felt music. These abilities - coupled with his powerful, solid theology - make him a valuable addition for any event. I also appreciate his candor, compassion for God’s Word and his heart for ‘the least of these'.”

    Ryan O’Quinn
    Ryan O’Quinn Speaker relations regional director, Compassion International

Grant’s original song “Rwanda” is inspired by experiences that occurred there. Please enjoy the song and its video slideshow of photographs captured during Grant and Brooke’s 2009 visit to Rwanda.

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