Testimonials for Grant Norsworthy “Word & Song”

  • “Grant Norsworthy presented strongly and powerfully through ‘word & song' at our Senior Youth Gathering. Listening to Grant - his spoken messages, his songs, and by him just being real with us - helped me and the students be more real before God ourselves. I left the event completely renewed in my faith."

    Deanna Genske
    Deanna Genske Senior Youth Chaperone, Manitowoc, WI
  • "He was great. Super solid, practical and super grounded.”

    Anonymous Creative Arts Team Member, Stairway Church, Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • “Grant Norsworthy gave our church family an excellent concert and witness. If you are looking for a musician and speaker with incredible talent, a heart for the poor, and wonderful awareness of how to engage a congregation, look him up!”

    Pastor Eric Falker
    Pastor Eric Falker Bellaire Community UMC, MI
  • “Grant Norsworthy is an incredible communicator who has a unique ability to combine excellent speaking with heart-felt music. These abilities - coupled with his powerful, solid theology - make him a valuable addition for any event. I also appreciate his candor, compassion for God’s Word and his heart for ‘the least of these'.”

    Ryan O’Quinn
    Ryan O’Quinn Speaker relations regional director, Compassion International
  • “It is always a task to find a speaker that can captivate the attention of high schoolers, but Grant was able to put my mind at ease when he spoke. He engaged the audience with his storytelling and at times, you could hear a pin drop on carpeting because he was able to capture their undivided attention.”

    Amy Johnston
    Amy Johnston East Central Synod of Wisconsin Youth Committee Chair
  • "In twenty-five years of working with teens I have seen all manner of youth presenters. From my experience I can confidently say that Grant Norsworthy is one of the best around. He has a unique and canny way of being, real, relevant and relatable. "

    Pencil Boone
    Pencil Boone Pastor of Thrive Student Ministrie &s Campus Pastor Bangor Christian Schools, ME
  • "Grant possess a a unique combination of passion for Christ centered worship, excellent communication, leadership skills, and extraordinary musicianship."

    Eric Quiram
    Eric Quiram Director of Music Ministries, City Church of East Nashville, TN
  • “Each time I have witnessed Grant’s ministry work, it has been an incredibly moving and life changing experience. Grant brings a genuine, passionate and heart-felt message which truly speaks to people. Grant brings people to tears. Brings them to praise. Brings them to their feet in song and ‘worth-ship.’"

    Karie Wagner
    Karie Wagner Director of Family & Youth Ministry Conference
  • "Grant’s work alongside of Compassion International has been especially inspiring to our community [of about 200 attendees] and we support over 60 children who were introduced to us through Grant’s good work."

    Pastor Mark Fowler
    Pastor Mark Fowler Community Church Of The Open Door, Hampden, ME
  • "We do a lot of these types of events and have heard a lot of very vanilla type messages over the years, but Grant's message and his delivery definitely stood out! Passionate, Humble, Challenging and Relevant. I recommend him.”

    David Duffield
    David Duffield Lead Singer of We Are Leo, Kenosha, WI
  • "I'm so thankful that, when home, Grant is an active, involved, serving and long-standing member of the congregation that I pastor at City Church of East Nashville."

    Pastor Jeff Wilkins
    Pastor Jeff Wilkins Lead Pastor, City Church of East Nashville, TN
  • "Grant clearly has superior ability as a leader of congregational singing … He was sensitive to the church’s style of service and related well with all age groups."

    Pastor Greg Peckman Toowoomba Community Baptist Church, Qld, Australia
  • "Besides the content of Grant's messages, God has also given him a natural charisma that draws in listeners at once, even those who have no familiarity with his work as an internationally acclaimed musician."

    Pastor Jason Woolever
    Pastor Jason Woolever Bethel United Methodist Church, Mascoutah, IL
  • “What joy to have the whole Christian family included from the children to the Grammas and Grampas!”

    Pastor Carl Litchfield
    Pastor Carl Litchfield Kingsley United Methodist Church, Kingsley, MI
  • “I have heard Grant Norsworthy speak on multiple occasions and, each time, found myself profoundly challenged and encouraged. Grant carries passion and conviction into each topic, calling us all to hear God's standard, not the American church standard. I have been refreshed and my students stirred. I am thankful to Grant for speaking God's truth and for modeling a radical commitment to Christ.”

    Dr. Ken E. Read
    Dr. Ken E. Read Field Chair, Music & Worship Cincinnati Christian University
  • "Grant has the unique and rare ability as a communicator, to make audiences want to lean in to hear him. He masterfully paints pictures using stories and illustrations that stir the heart and conscience. Grant also has great insight and prophetic passion that will provoke and inspire any audience to love and good works."

    Stacey Foster
    Stacey Foster Senior Pastor of Life Changers Int. Ministries, Detroit MI
  • “He is very funny and did not hold back his passionate challenging conviction that our students be engaged in Compassion’s necessary work. Grant’s time at the College was a real joy.”

    Jess Bielman
    Jess Bielman Campus Ministries Director, Warner Pacific College, Portland, OR
  • “What a pleasure to experience the word and life-story shared during our Senior Youth Gathering.  Grant Norsworthy and his message of faith, family, and love for Jesus was truly inspirational to all.”

    Julie Curry Neubauer
    Julie Curry Neubauer East Central Synod of Wisconsin Youth Committee Member
  • "Grant has the experience and insight to bring into one accord those who have given themselves to the ministry of touching the Father’s heart with pure worship."

    Jerry Bryant
    Jerry Bryant Artists In Christian Expression, Int. & Nashville Worship City Alliance, TN
  • "… weeks later I find myself rethinking things I have taken for granted as ‘truth’ and redirecting my thoughts and actions based on some simple truths he shared with us. His presentation is engaging, entertaining, insightful and appeals to multiple age groups. It is my pleasure to endorse him as a man after God's own heart."

    David Byrd
    David Byrd G3 Church, Orlando, FL
  • "I can’t think of another speaker that has impacted me as much as Grant has in the last few years.  I would recommend him heartily.  What he says may move you out of a comfort zone, but you will be the better for it."

    Elder Phil Durham
    Elder Phil Durham Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Nashville, TN
  • "Grant quickly engaged and connected to the group in a very profound and effective way all while using a humble and simple approach that is very much his own. It was authentic, insightful, comprehensive, brilliant, and very moving."

    Angelo Gonzales
    Angelo Gonzales Cultural Advisor & Team Leader for The Objective Movement, Nashville, TN
  • “What an amazing difference! It was so encouraging for me and for these small rural churches to know that we too can offer the best we have to God in worship. Grant did an amazing job, leading, teaching, saying the tough stuff in love and most importantly, reminding me and my team(s) that worship is all about Jesus!”

    Rev. Colleen Wierman
    Rev. Colleen Wierman Pastor - Kingsley United Methodist Churches, Kingsley, MI
  • "In my thirty-five years as a pastor, I have seen a lot of folks come through and do their thing with congregations and my sense has been that, for many, it is just something they do to get by. Thankfully, that was not the case with Grant Norsworthy. His humble spirit and attentiveness to God in his life was refreshing, challenging and encouraging."

    Pastor Rollin Strode
    Pastor Rollin Strode Grace Baptist Church, Bakersfield, CA
  • “Grant’s heart for worshiping God at all times and through all things is very evident. This is a great message for everyone to hear - not just the music team. I came away with a renewed spirit and energy.”

    Doug Hall
    Doug Hall Team Member, Park Hill Baptist Church, North Little Rock, AR
  • "I know Grant’s heart toward the poor is in line with God’s heart for the poor and, without hesitation, I recommend Grant to your church or organization. I strongly encourage you to pray about using the gifts, abilities, and passions of Grant Norsworthy to move your people to action."

    Brian D. Seay
    Brian D. Seay Artist Relations Manager, Compassion International
  • "I was refreshed and thankful for Grant's passionate desire to gently but clearly move us from me-centered entertainment to a God-and-gospel-centered worship."

    David Gregg
    David Gregg Regional Director, CSB Ministries, Oakdale, CA
  • "Grant’s heart for Christ and passion for authentic worship was a tremendous blessing to both our church and our music ministry."

    Louis Johnson
    Louis Johnson Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Loxley, AL
  • “Grant's ability to walk humbly as he draws everyone's focus on glorifying the One True God made a deep impact on all who attended. We experienced great musicianship, but more importantly we connected with the God of the Bible.” 

    Susan Plemons
    Susan Plemons Assistant Professor of Worship & Worship 4:24  Conference Co-ordinator, Cedarville Univ. OH
  • "Grant’s musical talent and love of God’s word is powerful. If you have any occasion to invite him in for your services, I highly recommend you do so. Your people will be inspired to be greater givers and doers in service to our Lord."

    Pastor Mark Fowler
    Pastor Mark Fowler Community Church Of The Open Door, Hampden, ME
  • "Grant is a true and passionate follower of Jesus … a man of integrity, honesty and has a genuine passion for God … a seasoned musician and a very compelling speaker, singer and songwriter … . His desire is to lift up the name of Jesus through song and spoken word and encourage people to worship God in the truest possible way."

    Paul Colman
    Paul Colman Recording Artist, formerly of PC3 & Newsboys, Franklin TN
  • "His dynamic presence and ability to engage our students with clarity and Biblical truth make him a speaker that we want to ask back again."

    Jessica Harrison Chapel Service Co-ordinator, Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA
  • “If you want to make your weekly worship gathering the best it can be, I urge you to consider spending some time with Grant Norsworthy. He is an incredible gift and resource for the local church.”

    Pastor John Kenny
    Pastor John Kenny First Reformed Church, Grand Haven, MI
  • "Grant is easily able to make a connection with hurting kids like ours at CEM, but also displays the unique gifting of communicating passionately and effectively to all ages and mixed audiences through both his words and music. He is real, engaging and uplifting."

    Mark Andrews
    Mark Andrews Christian Encounter Ministries, Sacramento, CA
  • "Grant is an effective communicator from the pulpit with or without his guitar. Grant is a headliner. I encourage church leaders to give up their most valued congregational time to Grant - they will not be disappointed."

    Bill Steele
    Bill Steele North Hills Baptist Church, Vallejo CA
  • "I love how Grant shares the hope in Jesus. He's one of the best young communicators I know with an ability to connect that I see rarely. Grant lives the life and I am honored to call him 'friend‘."

    David Smallbone
    David Smallbone Manager, For King and Country, Franklin, TN

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