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When faith in Christ and a passion for a music career collide, struggles abound.

Need someone with maturity and experience

who will listen with impartiality and discretion?

CONTACT GRANT NORSWORTHY to discuss your mentorship needs.

To be a follower of Jesus – who is the servant to all – yet desire to be on a “stage”, noticed, appreciated, well-paid and successful can seem like an impossible contradiction. Or is it?

If you are a …

  • Touring pro musician
  • Church staff position holder
  • “Worship Leader/Artist”
  • Music artist in the mainstream,
  • Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) artist

1to1 Mentorship is for you.

In the mainstream, or within the Christian Church, there will be particular difficulties and challenges for a musician who is also a person of faith in Jesus the Christ.

That musician will need spiritual and career guidance from a mentor with experience, knowledge and a good listening ear. Someone who’s been there, done that, fallen down, got up and fallen again yet come out the other side with lessons learned (and some scars to prove it) yet with solid faith and family intact.

To that end, Grant Norsworthy offers 1to1 Mentorship for Christ-following individuals who currently are, or aspire to professional music careers. 1to1 Mentorship is by 30, 60 or 90 minute time blocks by appointment:

  • Face to face over coffee
  • Video chat
  • Phone call
  • Email or Facebook conversation
  • "Grant has Godly wisdom and insight that any musician would find key to their growth. Even as a hip-hop artist I’ve found Grant to be an excellent mentor for much more than music."

    Paulkrost Producer, Hip-Hop Artist, Plainfield, NJ
  • "Grant is the real deal—an excellent musician and a faithful husband and father. He has given me priceless, candid feedback on my music and our conversations always leave me hopeful and eager to continue challenging myself. I owe much to Grant and count him as a friend and mentor for life.”

    Andrew Michael Meador
    Andrew Michael Meador Electronic/Pop Artist, Chattanooga, TN

1to1 Mentorship is not a “one size fits all” program or curriculum. The mentorship should be thought of as being a personalized blend of counseling, coaching, pastoral care and discipleship.

While mentorship is as unique as each individual musician who is mentored, several themes often come up:

 Can I be sure I am called to a career in music?

 Can a career musician maintain a healthy family life?

 Money, money, money!?

Am I an artist or a “worship leader”?

Songwriting dilemmas

Why can’t my band get along?

Am I in love with God, or in love with doing what I do for God?

Insecurity and/or Overconfidence

What does it really mean to be discipled?

Hello! Can we be of assistance?