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In addition to the training videos and articles available from our FREE TRAINING RESOURCES page and our MORE THAN MUSIC WORKSHOP (onsite training service), More Than Music Mentor also offers an interactive, online coaching service called REMOTE COACH.

Remote Coach is a great choice for leaders who believe their music team has room to improve and would benefit from some professional guidance, but on a smaller budget. Rather than an ONSITE WORKSHOP, More Than Music Mentor will deliver a unique, personalized critique remotely, using uploaded video recordings of your team of musicians and singers, in your venue, playing your songs!

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More Than Music Mentor will:

give a FREE 30 minute preliminary video chat or phone call with the team leader to get the ball rolling

expertly scrutinize your team’s song videos

give a one hour face to face video conference critique with the team leader

provide a written report with specific actionable recommendations

Equipped with this specialized information, your team will have clearly explained items to change and improve that are within their reach. As you work through the listed items, the team’s sound is certain to improve, as will your congregation’s level of participation and fulfillment in worship through songs.

  • "Our praise band spent three hours with Grant one Saturday afternoon and it has revolutionized both our playing and singing together as a team, and our perspective on what it means to worship and be worshipers of God."

    Andrew Irvin
    Andrew Irvin Music Director, First UMC, Bakersfield, CA
  • "Having Grant at our church was at once a wake-up call for us and a fantastic experience of praise.  He spoke directly to our specific needs in reclaiming the true meaning of worship, and his ability to work with our musicians to bring us up a level was exactly what we hoped to accomplish."

    Keith Wilson
    Keith Wilson Musical Director, Springfield SBC, Springfield IL
  • "Our song leaders, musicians and vocalists were greatly encouraged by the weekend and our whole congregation responded wholeheartedly to what God was able to do through Grant."

    Rev. Jonathan Stark
    Rev. Jonathan Stark Senior Pastor, Wodonga Baptist Church, Vic, Australia


Once you’ve had your 30 minute preliminary video chat, there’s just a little legwork at your end. If you choose to proceed with your Remote Coach session, follow these steps:

  1. Register for your Remote Coach session by paying the US$500 fee. (Paypal, Venmo, Square or check)
  2. Create video recordings of your band playing 1 to 3 songs (either during a service or a rehearsal setting) and upload them to YouTube or a similar video hosting website (publish as unlisted). And PLEASE make sure you read and follow our TIPS FOR GETTING SUITABLE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS below.
  3. Fill out the Band Profile Form, including the URL’s for your video(s) and the names and roles of each team member in the video.
  4. File share and/or Email the following to
    • completed Band Profile Form
    • the lyrics/song charts/notation used  and
    • sound recordings (mp3 or YouTube links) that the band used in their personal preparation of the videos songs (if applicable).
  5. Wait for a submission confirmation email – usually within 48 hrs. We’ll make sure that we have everything we need to proceed. Then we’ll schedule your Remote Coach critique video conference – typically within two to three weeks of your submission.

Print and share these single page documents with your team, committee or leadership:

Tips for getting suitable video for Remote Coach:

Tips for getting suitable video for Remote Coach:

  • Use a smartphone or other camera capable of good quality video and sound recording.
  • Record during a rehearsal OR a congregational setting, from the perspective of the congregation.
  • Use the same team for each video.
  • Make sure your team can be heard as clearly as possible. The microphone on your camera should be adequate, but a direct audio line from your mixing console would be even better.
  • If audio is recorded by microphone(s), make sure there is no distracting sound nearby (such as crying babies, a fan or the person with the camera singing!).
  • Keep the camera steady! Please use a tripod or other stand. A static frame that tightly captures the whole band is better than an artistic, wandering view.
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