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Uniquely qualified, compelling,
all ages and backgrounds, humor & heart,
with an Aussie accent!

Grant will enrich your next event or Church service with natural charisma, a relaxed, disarming style, uncommon candor, healthy self-analysis, and fresh Aussie humor.  With a message birthed from an intriguing personal journey profoundly impacted by the Living Word of God, Grant Norsworthy is uniquely qualified as a compelling voice on a number of important topics to all sincere followers of Jesus.

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A selection of Grant’s more popular speaking Topics:

  • Worship is a verb, not an adjective
  • The worshiper’s living “deathstyle”
  • “Cheap Grace” & “Costly Grace” (Bonhoeffer)
  • Being “Fair Dinkum” – Authenticity & Insecurity
  • Breaking the Cycle of Addiction
  • Seeing the “least of these” as Jesus (Matt. 25)
  • Adoption & The Heart Of God
  • Advocacy for Compassion International
  • The heart of the Worshiping Musician
  • The art of the Worshiping Musician

Through an engaging blend of illustrations, storytelling, solid Bible teaching and songs, Grant Norsworthy possesses a rare ability to reshape sometimes-overwhelming concepts into deep-yet-simple thoughts that propel listeners to realization and action.

A heart-shaped box with a green and a red LED and a switch, a piece of PVC pipe clogged with a grey-green mush of Play-Doh, a pair of “rock star” sunglasses with a lens missing: As required, all these objects and more are used to great effect by Grant as he speaks. But if the teaching moment is better served by a song, or a story from growing up in Australia, or an anecdote created from the rollercoaster life of parenting three rambunctious boys, Grant will reach for one of those instead.

All this, with an explicit, singular focus – to clearly present the Living Word of God to those who listen. With skill and an uncommon approach, Grant skillfully presents passages from The Bible in ways that help them sink in more deeply than they ever have before.

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Formerly an established, pro, touring and recording band member, Grant Norsworthy has successfully redefined himself as a unique, high-quality communicator for a wide range of event types, audiences sizes, ages, denominational backgrounds and learning styles:

 Conferences  Festivals  Church Services  Retreats  Camps  School Assemblies  College Chapel Services  Fund Raisers  Seminars  Breakouts  Bible Studies   Home Church  House Concerts  Recovery Groups  Men’s Gatherings  Women’s Gatherings  Youth Groups
… and more.

  • "It is obvious through his various awards and nomination that Grant is a talented and sought after musician. Once you hear him speak it is also obvious that he is gifted with a stage presence that is contagious."

    Brian D. Seay
    Brian D. Seay Artist Relations Manager, Compassion International
  • "Besides the content of Grant's messages, God has also given him a natural charisma that draws in listeners at once, even those who have no familiarity with his work as an internationally acclaimed musician."

    Pastor Jason Woolever
    Pastor Jason Woolever Bethel United Methodist Church, Mascoutah, IL
  • "The thing I’ve always found to be so compelling about Grant Norsworthy – whether in music or spoken word – is that he is a genuine soul. He lives and speaks and sings what he believes. It is as simple as that."

    Bebo Norman
    Bebo Norman Recording Artist, Nashville TN
  • "Grant is easily able to make a connection with hurting kids like ours at CEM, but also displays the unique gifting of communicating passionately and effectively to all ages and mixed audiences through both his words and music. He is real, engaging and uplifting."

    Mark Andrews
    Mark Andrews Christian Encounter Ministries, Sacramento, CA
  • "I can’t think of another speaker that has impacted me as much as Grant has in the last few years.  I would recommend him heartily.  What he says may move you out of a comfort zone, but you will be the better for it."

    Elder Phil Durham
    Elder Phil Durham Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Nashville, TN
  • "You r fricking amazing dude! Btw I loved ur singing voice [and] u were an amazing speaker to have!!"

    Savannah 15 year old Senior High Youth Retreat attendee, Manitowoc, WI
  • "In my thirty-five years as a pastor, I have seen a lot of folks come through and do their thing with congregations and my sense has been that, for many, it is just something they do to get by. Thankfully, that was not the case with Grant Norsworthy. His humble spirit and attentiveness to God in his life was refreshing, challenging and encouraging."

    Pastor Rollin Strode
    Pastor Rollin Strode Grace Baptist Church, Bakersfield, CA
  • "Listening to Grant’s ministry, one thing that quickly comes into focus is his love for Christ and his passion to see others come to know Him in a truly life-transforming way. He is genuine, honest about his own shortcomings, and in every way seeking to bring glory to God."

    Senior Pastor Nick Scott
    Senior Pastor Nick Scott Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Perth, WA, Australia
  • “Grant Norsworthy presented strongly and powerfully through ‘word & song' at our Senior Youth Gathering. Listening to Grant - his spoken messages, his songs, and by him just being real with us - helped me and the students be more real before God ourselves. I left the event completely renewed in my faith."

    Deanna Genske
    Deanna Genske Senior Youth Chaperone, Manitowoc, WI

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