Some of Grant’s Speaking Topics

Worship: What is it?

Within contemporary Christian culture, we can so easily speak and think of “worship” – whether consciously or subconsciously – as merely musical expressions to God. Yet we know that worship is much more. Even for those who might freely state that “worship is a lifestyle”, Grant’s potent presentation on the true meaning of worship is sure to challenge.


The Greatest Paradox: Die to Live

Is God a God of judgment or a God of love? Am I of infinite or insignificant value to God? Is Jesus the Christ a servant or a king? Lion or lamb? Is my salvation free, or does it cost me everything? How can I make sense of God’s glaring and overwhelming paradoxes?


“Cheap grace is the mortal enemy of our church …” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Is the anguished warning from a Lutheran pastor, theologian, author, teacher and martyr delivered in 1936 in Nazi Germany still relevant to the church today?


“Every poet and musician, but for grace, …” C.S.Lewis

Grant shares his least favorite quote from favorite author C.S.Lewis. Timely words drawn from Lewis’s “The Great Divorce” are updated for today and brought into focus as a stark warning to those in the Christian ‘limelight’ that perhaps the most dangerous distraction from completely surrendering my life to God is doing work for God.


Building a Castle, or Building a Bridge

Which structure gives a more accurate metaphor for the Christian Church in America today? Is the church designed and built primarily to protect and defend itself or to connect people to God and each other? As a ‘missionary’ to the USA from Australia, Grant perspective is simultaneously encouraging and challenging.


A New Map Of The World?

Drawing on, and expanding upon an illustration from the best-selling author of “The Road Less Traveled” M. Scott Peck, Grant Norsworthy skillfully presents a refreshingly self-effacing approach to life, knowledge, the pursuit of truth and hearing the voice of God.
Jesus, Plus or Minus Nothing, Equals Everything



Is my testimony merely the story of what a mess I was before I met Jesus and how life is much better now? Or does my broken life today give testimony to the truth of Jesus the Christ?


Jesus, Plus or Minus Nothing, Equals Everything

Grant teaches from a simple, yet profound mathematical formula ……✝ ± 0 = ∞…… and explores its meaning through retelling the dramatic yet fateful story of Sir John Franklin’s disastrous 1845 polar expedition. Listeners are drawn to reconsider personal faith: What ‘baggage’ might we be adding? What essentials might we be leaving out?


A Ladder to Climb or an About-face

When we first enter the workforce, it is intensely satisfying to simply earn a buck for ourselves. But finding fulfillment and satisfaction in our vocation over a lifetime, and a sense of eternal significance, takes a different perspective that is actually found in unexpected places.


Advocacy for Compassion International

Grant speaks with authority, conviction and rich personal experience to raise awareness and support for children and their communities in less-fortunate countries around the world. Having seen the work of Compassion in the Dominican Republic (2014), Rwanda (2009) and Thailand (2006) Grant comes equipped with a rich album of personal stories, including the emotional meeting with several of his own sponsor children.


Simpson and His Donkey

Australia’s best-known war hero was never credited with any military success. Simpson lost his life in a battle that was a devastating defeat. Made all the more poignant by personal experience walking the past battlefields of Gallipoli Turkey, Grant speaks from the story of a man laying down his life for others.


“Christian-ese”: What on earth are we talking about!?

The way we use words changes the way we think. The way we think changes the way we live. When the words we speak come from the overflow of our hearts, should we be choosing our religious language more carefully? Or are we just speaking Christian-ese?


Breaking the Unbearable Cycle of Sin

Counterfeit fulfillment; shame, guilt and condemnation; striving, resolution, pride and self-satisfaction; disillusionment, despair and anger; back to the lie of sin. Is there no way out? Norsworthy points to an unconventional and nontraditional solution: A much-needed message in a time when hidden sin runs rampant and largely unchecked within the Christian community.


B1 (John 17:21)

With a multitude of divisions, conflicts and cracks appearing among Christians on an individual, family, community and denominational level, Grant speaks to encourage and challenge us all to be reconciled: to “be one”.


“It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah”

King David of Old Testament times is arguably history’s most influential song writer. The modern musical re-telling of a dark chapter in his story is perhaps the most popular song of praise to God outside the four walls of the church. “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, has been covered by Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, K.D.Lang, Justin Timberlake and countless others, and used on popular TV and movie soundtracks. Why does this song that openly recognizes and praises God connect so deeply where so-called “Christian songs” do not?


“I need more than the words on the page. The words are good but the author I crave.”

In a Christian culture that so readily describes The Bible as The Word Of God, Grant skillfully reminds us that Jesus Himself is The Word Of God (John 1) who has chosen to reveal Himself through The Written Word Of God – The Bible – and in many other ways.


Insecurity and Authenticity

“Fair dinkum!” It’s a much-loved, well-used and highly useful term from the Australian dialect of the English language. It means true, honest, valuable, of quality, authentic. the real deal. It’s time to be more fair dinkum. It’s time to recognize our own insecurities and lack of authenticity as a prerequisite step towards finding security in the authenticity of Christ. After all – the easiest person for me to fool … is me.


Worship in the Old and New Covenant

What is the difference between the worship of the old and new covenants? What is the change in worship that Jesus speaks about in John 4 to the woman at the well? Have we, the Church, undergone the change? Or are we still partially stuck in the old? What does scripture reveal, and how can a more full understanding release us into the fullness of the new covenant today?


Bringing peace to the “Worship Wars”

Music is a beautiful gift from God given as a tool to help us connect with each other and with our Creator. To bring unity – oneness. It’s a sad tragedy that preferred style of sacred music has so often become the field of battle in, what many call, the “Worship Wars”. But what are these “Worship Wars” really about? How can peace be found? Are they incorrectly named?


Adoption and The Heart Of God

Grant sensitively and humorously relates his families joyful struggle through infertility to adoption. And shows what the journey taught him – and can teach us all – about our own adoption to be children of God.


Hope Rising

Adapting scientific and survey data and first developed by Compassion International’s former Senior Vice President of Global Advocacy, Scott Todd, Grant presents a compelling picture of great hope for the futures of people who today are living in conditions of extreme poverty. Hope for the poor is created by hope for them in us.

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