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My five year old son Max and I were walking along a nature trail this morning. A gentle breeze was creating a sweet swishing sound in the tree tops.
“Max,” I said, “Listen to the wind in the trees. I think I hear God whispering to us in that sound.”
“What is God saying?” Max asked.
I replied with a smile, “I think he’s saying, ‘Max and Grant, I love you!'”
My son’s face lit up excitedly as he said, “I hear that too!”
I have a feeling Max was hearing that voice more clearly than I was.

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  • Susie Finney

    Love it!

  • beewest2000

    I so love this, Grant. Thanks so much for sharing. Reminds me that if we listen and dare to live in the present moment, aware, we can hear God anywhere…. Thanks for sharing. And yes, children are usually much better at this than we are…

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